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“Preparing athletes for football at Riverwood and beyond!”

Parents – welcome to the JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program!  The information below is intended to help you better understand our program and explain what you should expect.


Located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the Riverwood JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program is under the direction of James Brown, who is in his 13th year coaching with the middle school and Riverwood high school football programs.  Under the guidance of the Head Football Coach at Riverwood International Charter School (Riverwood), Coach Brown has put together a staff of coaches to help prepare athletes to play football at the next level.

The JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program was formally established in 2010 to better prepare kids who want to play at the high school level.  By having kids start learning the proper fundamentals of football as early as 6th grade, our players will be in much better position to make a contribution when they are eligible to play for Riverwood.  Our offensive & defensive schemes will be similar to those used by the Riverwood Football Program, and our approach to excellence in the classroom and on the field will be the same. Players will build camaraderie with their teammates.

The JR RAIDER program is a non-profit organization funded & operated as its own entity. Our organization is governed by a board comprised of representatives from our coaching staff as well as current and former parents.  No funding is received from Ridgeview Charter School, Riverwood or any other Fulton County School programs.



The JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program currently plays in the North Metro Football League (NMFL) and will play a very competitive schedule.  JR RAIDERS will field two teams: 6th(5th & 6th grade combined) &  7th (7th & 8th grade combined).  Each team will have a distinct coaching staff, although some aspects of practice may be run jointly.

Under league guidelines, the JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program is open to all boys who attend Ridgeview Charter School (the Riverwood Feeder School) and those boys that live in the Riverwood school district who attend a private school that does not offer a football program as part of its athletic program.



Our JR RAIDER program will include:

  • Pre-season practices to commence (end of July)
  • Football Jamboree (scrimmage)
  • Minimum 8 game schedule  beginning mid-August  and running through late October
  • Team bonding events


Cost and Fees:

  • $350 Registration fee (payable in installments upon request)
  • Participation in our fundraisers and as game day hosts.


Skill Level:

Our program accepts players of all skill levels recognizing that all of our players will grow and mature differently.   Our program does not promise playing time to our players.  We will assure that your son will be trained with intentions of playing him on game day.  Coaches will not play anyone until they are sure the player will be safe on the playing field and has proven that in practice.



With the program, your child will receive use of the following equipment: helmet, shoulder pads, game uniforms (home and away), and practice jerseys.  Uniforms and equipment are returned to the program at the end of the season.

You will need to provide your child with: Practice pants, football cleats, and black game socks.  You will also need to provide: mouth guards (get 2) & 1 gallon water jug for practices.



We maintain an inventory of Riddell and Schutt helmets and have them reconditioned every two years to ensure that they remain safe and under warranty. If you have your own helmet, you are welcome to use it but you should check with the manufacturer to be sure the warranty coverage will be honored if the helmet has to be taken apart and painted to match our blue uniform color.  The Jr Raider program will not be responsible for injuries that occur with non-Jr Raider program provided helmets and you will need to sign a helmet waiver if you choose to use your own helmet.  We will also host a helmet sales representative, who will fit your son for the proper helmet if you are interested in purchasing your own helmet for use in our program.



Our first practice is Aug 13th  from 630 - 8.  We will practice Tues, Wed & Thursday at the same time until the end of the season.   Practices are held at Riverwood either on the grass practice field( near the tennis courts) or the main field football field behind the school.  Pick up & Drop off are done at the grass fields only.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE OR  PARK BEHIND THE BUILDING.  Your player is expected to arrive at practice every day with his practice equipment on, water bottle filled, and ready to go at the start of practice.  If he forgets any part of his equipment, he will enjoy a vigorous conditioning  during practice.   Practice generally lasts 90 minutes and NO ONE is allowed  on the field during practice except players & coaches – feel free to watch from anywhere other than the field.  Players should be focused and listening carefully to his coach’s instructions.  Practice is the only time we get to improve as a team and prepare for our opponent; players who are not focused on that will be asked to sit out.  Please plan to pick up your player as soon as practice is over so our volunteer coaches are not delayed in getting home to their families.



Games are played on Saturdays against other teams in the North Metro Football League (NMFL) from late August through late October with playoffs that could take us into mid-November. The season will begin with a Football Jamboree where we will be able to scrimmage other teams in our league.  Game schedules will be provided as soon as the league the league office informs us. In general, the 6th grade team will play at 9am & the 7th grade team will play at 11:00am.   Expect to play 8-10 games during the season.  Playing time and position for your player is determined by the coaches and any discussion you’d like to have with them should be during the week and not before, during, or immediately after the game.



Safety is an absolute priority for our program and our coaches will teach the proper techniques to your player to ensure he understands the right way to play the game.  You will be expected to carry healthcare insurance for your player and have your player evaluated by a physician before he will be allowed on the field.   Your son must turn in medical forms and registration forms and get properly fitted with equipment before participating in a practice.


Volunteer Opportunities:

The JR RAIDER FOOTBALL program is made of all volunteers and we need you to play a significant role in our success.  Opportunities abound in a program our size and your help in a number of areas will ensure a fun experience for everyone.  Please look for sign-up opportunities to work on the field, in the booth, in the concession stand, selling tickets, shuttling players, etc.   Every parent should plan to contribute in some area and you will be given plenty of opportunities to find your place in our program.

We will also have opportunities for sponsorships, an angel list, or sponsoring player fees if you can provide a monetary contribution.


What are the advantages of playing JR RAIDER FOOTBALL?

  • Players will receive a high level of coaching with a focus on the good fundamentals of football.  Our goal is to prepare these players to transition easily into the Riverwood Football Program.
  • Players will compete in practice and games against other players that aspire to play high school football.
  • Players will begin building camaraderie with their fellow classmates.  We will wear the Riverwood blue and the Raider decal proudly.
  • Players will put into action our team motto: “Hard Work, Team Work, Discipline”.  These are the attributes it takes to build a winning football program.  We will teach “good preparation equals success”.



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